Global Research has the power to influence the impact of this crisis.

Global Research has the power to influence the impact of this crisis.

We are a one-of-a-kind market research
localisation agency.

Feel empowered to deliver accurate and actionable global insights. We combine 25 years of expertise with an uninhibited dedication to market research translation, in any market.

Have more time for the parts of research that you love. We continually develop unique language solutions through our close partnerships with key global research agencies.

Rediscover ease and enjoyment in your research localisation process. Our team knows how to support you every step of the way, thanks to a distinctive blend of expert linguistic and market research training.

We are proud to empower some of the world’s
finest agencies.

Colema Parkes Research
Critical Research
Engine Group
Hall & Partners
Join the Dots InSites Consulting
Watch Me Think

How are we empowering global researchers?

Would you like to feel empowered in any market?

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