Global Survey Platform.

Attest apply cutting-edge technologies and techniques to run the world’s first digital Consumer Growth Platform for marketers and insight professionals. When Attest expanded services to cover multimarket studies, Empower created a fully-integrated solution that allows for seamless translation and link checks within the Attest platform.

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“Access 125 million people across 58 countries and get responses back in days, not weeks. Attest has three layers of quality control for consistently reliable data.”

Attest’s Value Proposition

The Challenge.

To fulfil their value proposition while expanding services for global research, Attest required quick translations and link checks across any market, while maintaining the quality and integrity of the resulting data. The localization service provided to their marketing and insight clients also needed to be financially viable and available directly in the Attest platform.

The Solution.

Empower collaborated with Attest on a phased API development, which involved integration with the Attest platform for direct commissioning and upload of translations, as well as the ability to run quality control and link checks quickly. To maintain financial viability for Attest clients, we designed fixed unit pricing that matches the platform parameters and meets needs for quick, clear costings.

The Results.

Significant time and cost savings

In-platform localization to meet client needs

Quick turnaround of global studies

Market expansion and future-proofing

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