Multimarket Coding System.

Hall & Partners (US) run a high-volume, multi-wave quantitative study across 20+ markets for a global accommodation supplier. Empower transformed the OE response coding process, to enhance the accuracy and agility of the study.

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The Challenge.

Approaching 20+ markets using the same system as a single-market, single-wave study would have been catastrophic for the data. It would have seen the addition of uncoordinated codes to each market in isolation, which results in duplicate codes, a lack of scalability, granularity, and inconsistency across markets.

The Solution.

We created a bespoke codeframe adjustment process managed entirely by our team. This involved specialist coordination of in-language coders, split codeframes, setting up a Standard Operating Procedure to build efficiencies, and applying AI through our coding platform.

The Results.

Accuracy and quality of data notably improved

Embryonic trends explored effectively per market

Significant time savings and process efficiency

Codeframes easily adjusted for future waves and dips

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