60+ Market Annual Tracker.

Big Village (US) runs an annual CATI/CAWI supply chain tracker across 60+ markets for their Client, a global healthcare manufacturer. Empower has developed a reliable, transparent system for managing localization of an otherwise complex and challenging study, which contributes to Big Village’s long-term relationship with their Client.

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“Empower [has become] a partner, not just a translation service. They will always look for a solution to provide assistance in a time- and cost-efficient manner, no matter the challenge.”

Sharlynn Jacobs
Manager, Insights @ Big Village (US)

The Challenge.

The sheer size of this study poses considerable coordination challenges: 60+ markets, with multiple survey versions, waves, updates and multilingual link checks, year on year. Significantly, the Client also has global offices which review each market survey translation independently of the others, resulting in uncoordinated Client Review stage updates that present a risk to cross-market benchmarking and tracker comparisons.

The Solution.

Empower has nurtured a reliable pool of translators and link checkers, specifically trained in the intricacies of this study, who fit seamlessly into our bespoke Multimarket Project Management System. We designed fixed-unit pricing for efficiency of commissioning updates and budgeting for Big Village’s US team. Moreover, we developed robust Client Review stage management, empowering Big Village to reject or accept the Client’s changes without jeopardising the relationship.

The Results.

Robust, long-term relationship with the Client

Additional markets added by the Client each year

Consistency of cross-market benchmarking

Smooth-running of complex document updates

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