Placing forwards-thinking at our core

We are in love with innovating.

Whether it be incremental change or designing revolutionary new services,
our team thrives on finding opportunities to improve the quality,
ease and enjoyment of global research.

Instant Quoting

A revolutionary process that is built into our secure portal. Researchers save up to 24 hours’ in the quoting process by receiving instant cost estimates for any file format.

Fixed Pricing

Where we can, we turn our backs on out-dated price-per-word costing and use our besoke pricing units that are quick, convenient and keep bottom lines in check.

Social Intelligence Localisation™

Localising cross-market automated social media and review scraping can be gruelling. Our comprehensive SIL™ translation and keyword service sorts that for you.

Cultural Intelligence

Language is more than ‘just translation’. It’s why every project benefits from our global network’s on-the-ground knowledge, to enhance translation and elevate research.

Chatbot Localisation

Continuously-developing technology requires translations that can keep pace. Ours navigate ‘uncanny valley’ using expert intelligence from in-country speakers.


Our tech-savvy solution for automated multilingual brand coding that empowers you to understand the 10% of codes that would normally go unprocessed, while saving time and money.

…and more. Because we know that no project is quite the same.
That’s why we’re dedicated to thinking outside of the box
for each and every one that comes our way.

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