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John Temple, MMRS (he/him) is Chief Commercial Officer of Empower, Market Research Benevolent Association (MRBA) Brand Ambassador, and Chair of the Business Intelligence Group (BIG) Forum, and ESOMAR member.


In 2002, John joined the insight industry as Empower CEO Ruth’s partner in both life and business. He has since used his expert, no-fuss approach to design and implement cutting-edge localization partnerships for some of the world’s most well-known agencies, including GfK, Nielsen and Kantar.

John is an avid event-goer, which led to his role as Chair of BIG Forum. He finds a deep sense of purpose in giving back to the community, and is a Brand Ambassador the industry’s MRBA charity.


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Translation is only one part of localizing global research.

How should you approach the gender question in Germany? What is the best F2F practice in Saudi Arabia? Is GDPR applicable in Sweden?

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