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Improving global insight, changing the game, building efficiency: our one-of-a-kind resource responds to the questions that global researchers need answering.


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The Global Research PLAYBOOK.

  • The Gender Question in Global Research

    The Gender Question

    How do you create safe, inclusive screeners across global markets? This concise resource packs everything to do with the gender question into one page, from how the question should be asked in different cultures, to deciding if you need to ask it at all...
  • Data Privacy Resources

    Data Privacy Resources

    The ultimate directory of worldwide data privacy law resources for researchers. Whatever your market, ensure your data collection practices are legally-compliant.
  • Functional Effectiveness

    Global research is far vaster than research itself. Excellent insights are always supported by efficient, smooth-running operations - cue ‘Functional Effectiveness’, the highly implementable process concept that can transform your business.
  • Mind your language

    MRS Special Report 2022

    In this report by the Market Research Society, “Mind your language”, industry experts share their expertise and advice on bridging language gaps in research.
  • Mind your language

    MRS/ATC Checklist

    The must-have guide for any research business that commissions translations, created by governing bodies the Market Research Society (MRS) and the Association of Translation Companies (ATC).
  • MRS Special Report 2021

    In this report by the Market Research Society, “Staying Local, Going Global”, prominent international researchers evaluate how to get closer to participants on a global scale.
  • MRS Special Report 2020

    In this report by the Market Research Society, “The Route to Local Understanding”, industry experts explore a holistic approach to getting closer to worldwide participants.

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