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Ruth Partington, CMRS (she/her) is CEO of Empower, Chair of the Association of Translation Companies, and Market Research Society (MRS) ACP Council Member.


After over 25 years in the industry, Ruth was awarded Research Hero status by the MRS for her exceptional service to the sector. She is an irrefutably world-leading expert on global research localization, and shares her expertise for the betterment of research.

Ruth’s dedication to the industry has driven the creation of the official MRS/ATC Checklist for Buying Translation Services. Equally, she contributes to equality of opportunity and anti-discrimination initiatives in her role on the MRS’ Representation in Research Steering Committee, and as a Mentor for Cardiff University (UK).

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Introducing: The Global Research

Translation is only one part of localizing global research.

How should you approach the gender question in Germany? What is the best F2F practice in Saudi Arabia? Is GDPR applicable in Sweden?

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