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EMPOWER is built on a philosophy of excellent
partnership – and hot drinks.

For us, our work is about putting our heart and soul into everything we do. We celebrate mutual success and work hard to get it right for you – every time.

The cornerstone of our approach is enjoyment. We are united by our passion for global research and the impact it has on the world around us.

Every day, we are excited to come together as a team of experts at the cutting-edge of insight translation technology, global linguistic developments and service innovation for a better future.

Let’s not forget the tea. And coffee. Lots of it. Mmm.


Ruth Partington



Josephine Jacquot

Senior Client Services Manager
(On Parental Leave)

Clare Partington

Head of Marketing

John Campbell

Client Services Administrator

Isabel Goez

Client Success Manager

Ella Popper

Business Development Administrator


John Temple



Lucy Hardinge

Senior Project Manager

Gabriella Turner

Senior Client Services Manager

Marcia Pacheco Solari

Client Services Manager

Russell Carleton

Head of IT

Helen Painter

Finance Administrator


Toby Partington

Head of Production

Lara Davies-Jones

Talent Hub Manager

Tom Bennett-Hughes

Project Manager

Kathryn Martin

Project Manager

Tean Rudd

Project Management Administrator

Stephen Davies

Project Manager – Unstructured Data

Fadwa El Brigui

Senior Project Manager

Adam Barry

Client Services Manager

Miriam Perez

Client Success Manager

Sabina Kenyon

Client Services Manager

Gemma Bath

Client Services Administrator

The values that inform our work


We love inspiring change for the better at all stages of research localization – both by using new technology, and applying existing technology in new and exciting ways.


Our success is our industry’s success, which is why support and unconditional collaboration are cornerstones of the EMPOWER ethos.


Healthy, fulfilled, passionate people make a happy industry. By providing the right resources and support at the right time, we empower each other to achieve brilliance on the global stage.

How can our team empower you?

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